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Its alive! Pre-order sales!

The new CD will be available this Monday, December 15th. We are starting pre-order sales today! You can get yours ordered in the “merch” section of this site. The official CD release party will be this Saturday, December 20th, in Braunschweig, Germany at the Gearbox. Thank you for all the support….now go order some CDs!

Peace and grease… Skinny Jim

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The County Circle Track

The new CD will be released Saturday, December 20th, at The Gearbox in Braunschweig, Germany! Online sales will be available this Monday, December 15th. You can order the CD from our “merch” page. Itunes songs can be purchased here. 

Thanks ya’ll!!

Skinny jim

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Hello world!

Welcome to the new and improved Number 9 Blacktops page!